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Forget your assumptions about abdominal closure.


At TAS, we seek to provide medical device innovations that provide value to every stakeholder in healthcare.


 Simplicity. Durability. Predictability. 



Simplicity is the essence of Minimally Invasive Surgery (M.I.S.).

TAS has developed a simple five step method that enables surgeons to achieve full thickness closure of ventral hernias using a minimally invasive approach. 

By definition, M.I.S.reduces wound healing time, associated pain and risk of infection.*





Stop the insanity of suture failure.


The 2nd most expensive complication attributed to medical injuries during hospitalization is dehiscence*  (the reopening of a surgical incision).


Durability needed!


It’s here!**  TAS seeks to reduce wound dehiscence and to provide a first to market alternative for surgical mesh.

What Does TAS Offer?


Have you ever tried to re-tighten a knot?  Good luck.


TAS can do that!  We give surgeons more control when closing abdominal fascia. 

A core feature of TAS Medical is the introduction of surgical grade zip straps for fascia closure. If you have ever used a zip strap, chances are that it was a better experience than tying knots.  The process is predictably simple and effective.


We are removing knots from surgery and introducing a new concept of sequential closure in the operating room.  

Learn More About What TAS Can Do

*JAMA​ 2003 Oct 8;290(14):1868-74. doi: 10.1001/jama.290.14.1868.

Excess length of stay, charges, and mortality attributable to medical injuries during hospitalization

**DATA ON FILE: TAS Medical Inc. Tensile strength comparative, 3X strength of polypropylene 

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